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front row|story 

I'm a storyteller.                                                        


 I love a good story, illustration, or an image that doesn't require words. For 4 1/2 years I've been contemplating the revamping and rebranding of my photography and wanting to establish more of a business. I threw around a bunch of ideas and went back and forth between using my name or using something a little more creative. I was (( this )) close to just dumping all of my ideas and desires for something creative-something that had a story- and just using my name for my new and improved business venture. That all changed as I was sitting in a conference listening to a speaker. She talked about how for 12 years she'd been sitting in the back row of her own life, with all of these ideas and things she knew she had been gifted to do, but was sharing them with no one. That immediately resonated with me. For years, people have encouraged me in my gifts of creativity; most often in my creative eye in the images that I capture. Partly out of laziness, and partly out of self-doubt, I heard these words, but never acted upon them because of this, that and the other thing. I figured I'd just kind of stay in the background with the gifts I'd been given and keep them to myself. I wasn't good enough to share them with anyone else. Jumping to the front row sounded scary! But I thought about being in the front row of a concert, or on a rollercoaster, or first in line for that thing you'd been waiting FOREVER for. Why wouldn't I want to be living in the front row of my own life... and why wouldn't I want to capture some of life's best moments from the best seat in the house- the front row? I am confident. I know that I have been given gifts not to keep for myself, but to share with others. I know capturing images is one of those gifts and I am so excited to move forward with a new attitude, appreciation for people, and to stand in awe of the moments I get to share with my clients! I can't wait to capture your moments from the VERY best seat in the house- the FRONT ROW!



I need to say thank you to my husband, Tyler- for constantly encouraging me to take the next step and move forward. Thank you for sharing me with the computer and our basement these last few months while I've put what's in my head into this new venture. 


Thank you to my mom and dad who have supported and grown me in my abilities and gifts- and have been my biggest cheerleaders since I shot and developed my first images in a dark room. Thank you to my sister, Kaitlyn for your encouragement, support, and for being my partner in creativity and my second shooter! 


Thank you to my Tysver and Kavlie families who support me by often watching my kiddos while I work! I couldn't do this without you!


Thank you to Steph Bloom and Ginger Murray for being my teachers. Thank you for your guidance, encouragement, and wisdom- AND to Brad and Jessica Person for giving me my first professional photog job with First Day Photo! 


Thank you to my current and past clients who have trusted me with your precious moments, and the rest of you for your support as I move forward!


I'm SO glad I stood up, looked forward, and jumped into the FRONT ROW! I can't wait to see the view from here!






© 2014 by front row | photo // created by sara tysver // all rights reserved

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